Terms and Conditions:

Any inquiries relating to this conference, including inquiries relating to visa, accommodation, and local travel are to be communicated through our email support@crosspointeducation.com or info.crosspointevents@gmail.com. 

Registration timeframe and concession:

Registration opens on December 19, 2023 and closes on April 15, 2024 at 11:59 Bhutan Standard Time. Early bird discount of 10% available until 21/02/2024 and student 10% discount available throughout the registration period. Additionally, 15% discount available for registration of 10 or more participants.

Change of participant information:

You are requested to double check your personal information before you submit your registration form. Any change of details including name change, change of email address, etc will incur administrative cost of Ngultrum (Nu.) 2,500 or equivalent foreign currency, for changes requested on or before April 15, 2024. If a registered participant wishes to substitute their registration with someone else, Nu. 5,000 will be charged for changes requested on or before April 15, 2024. Any such changes requested after April 15, 2024 will incur charges of Nu. 5,000 and Nu.7,500, respectively. The Royal Monetary Authority’s (https://www.rma.org.bt) foreign exchange rates table will be used for currency conversion. Ngultrum, abbreviated as ‘Nu.’ is Bhutanese currency. It is pegged at par with Indian Rupee.

Refund policy:

Registration fee is non-refundable. Please carefully consider your schedule and availability before you decide to register. Registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. However, you may nominate someone else to represent. Charges will apply for change of participant as stated above. 


Accommodation must be arranged yourself. Crosspoint Events will not engage in arranging accommodation. However, we will provide 5% to 10% discount vouchers to participants who selected our conference addons at checkout in our event advertised on Eventbrite. This discount voucher, however, doesn’t guarantee accommodation booking. Early reservation with participating hotels/resorts is highly recommended.

It is your responsibility to understand and accept terms and conditions set forth by your accommodation provider. Crosspoint will not engage in addressing logistical issues involving you and your accommodation provider. However, in case of reports relating to unethical or unjust business  practices by either parties involved, we may intervene to negotiate or escalate the issue with appropriate government agencies.

Networking session:

Networking session is available on Day 2 after the main conference. International participant registration is inclusive of access to this networking session. However, additional Nu. 10,000 will be charged for domestic participants interested to access the networking session.


CrossPoint is not responsible and will not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property arising from or in connection with participation in the conference. While necessary health and safety measures will be put in place, participants are responsible for their personal safety and security during the conference and are encouraged to take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their belongings.

Program changes:

The conference organizers understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise before or during the event. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to, speaker cancellations due to personal emergencies, travel disruptions, or other unforeseen events that might impact the original program.

In the event that a scheduled speaker becomes unavailable, the organizers reserve the right to replace them with a suitable alternative. Efforts will be made to ensure that replacement speakers have expertise in the relevant field and contribute to the overall quality of the conference.

Adjustments to the conference schedule, including session start times and breaks, may be necessary to accommodate changes in the program. These adjustments will be communicated to attendees through official channels, such as the conference website, email notifications, or on-site announcements. Attendees are encouraged to check these sources regularly for the latest information.

By registering for the conference, participants acknowledge and accept that program changes may occur. While the organizers will make every effort to deliver the originally planned program, they reserve the right to modify the schedule, speakers, or other elements for the overall benefit of the conference and its attendees.

Photography and Recordings:

Materials captured during the conference, such as photographs, videos, or audio recordings, may be used by the organizers for promotional purposes. Attendees are made aware that their presence at the event may result in their inclusion in promotional materials distributed by the conference organizers.

The conference organizers have the right to restrict or prohibit photography and recording activities at their discretion. This may be applicable in certain sessions where the content is sensitive, confidential, or when the presenter requests limited recording. The organizers retain the flexibility to adapt the rules based on the evolving needs of the conference.

Any materials captured by attendees and submitted to the conference organizers, such as through social media posts, may be used by the organizers in their promotional efforts. Attendees are encouraged to share content responsibly and in alignment with the conference’s objectives.

Intellectual Property:

The intellectual property rights related to the content presented at the conference remain with the respective presenters or speakers. It means that speakers retain ownership of their materials, including presentations, papers, and any other intellectual contributions.

Crosspoint will have the right to reproduce, distribute, or share conference materials for archival purposes, promotional activities, or other non-commercial uses that benefit the conference community.

As for attendees’ use of conference materials, attendees are not allowed to reproduce, distribute, or use materials presented at the conference for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the content creator.

One of the purposes of the conference is to encourage collaboration and networking among participants. Participants may be permitted to use materials shared during the conference for collaborative and non-commercial purposes within the conference community. However, if participants wish to use materials outside the conference for commercial purposes, the participant will have to obtain permission from both the intellectual property owner and Crosspoint. Any commercial use must be conducted with proper authorisation and negotiations for licensing and other agreements must be discussed.

Attribution and Linking: 

To acknowledge the contributions of presenters and organisers, any use of conference materials should include appropriate attribution to the original creators and Crosspoint, either through a link to our website or through a hashtag on social media that links to our conference. This ensures that intellectual property rights are respected and contributors receive due credit for their work. This includes conference materials, as well as any intellectual property.

Force Majeure:

If the conference is rescheduled due to force majeure events, the organizers will notify attendees of the new dates and venue as soon as possible. Attendees unable to attend the rescheduled event may be eligible for refunds or credits, subject to the terms and conditions stated in this document, elsewhere on our website, or in Eventbrite. The organizers shall not be liable for any additional costs incurred by attendees as a result of the rescheduling.

In the event of a force majeure that leads to the cancellation of the conference, the Crosspoint may, at their sole discretion, determine the refund policy. Attendees acknowledge that force majeure events may impact the feasibility of providing full or partial refunds, and the Crosspoint will make reasonable efforts to communicate any refund decisions to affected attendees.

If the conference is postponed or cancelled at any cost, all the participants will be informed directly through contacts provided when signing up, as well as through official webpage and social media. Participants must update themselves regarding rescheduled times and location by checking their emails and official websites. If participants miss the conference due to unforeseen personal, health or work commitments, they must provide evidence in order to negotiate a solution. Validity of evidence and supporting materials will be assessed by Crosspoint thoroughly.